About PROELECTRICA Ltd ANRE legally certified for all possible activities to be certified by ANRE, more stink certificate type. Company engineers are certified ANRE grade III and IV.


PROELECTRICA implemented and maintains a quality management system, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005, ISO18001: 2007 in January 2012 for the following activities::

Design and manufacture of electric installation for civil and industrial, aerial and underground nominal voltage of 0.4 kV;
Design and manufacture of overhead lines and underground, with rated voltages of 0.4 kV, 110 kV and transformer with rated voltage up to 20 kV superior;
Execution, testing, repair earthing;
Execution of electrical networks painting / clearing for trails overhead lines.
Installation of overhead fiber optic lines.
Execution of civil and industrial construction. Installation of metal and aluminum and PVC joinery with thermal.
Design, manufacture and sales of metal structures and equipment, with or without coatings obtained by thermal process for distribution and transmission lines for electricity. Electricity production and marketing.

The organization has a qualified, motivated and experienced in the business, also has a production base of workshops, warehouses and fleet, have transportation and equipment necessary scope.
Our organization was concerned continuously for executing installation as a technological designs aimed at increasing labor productivity through prefabrication and execution of apparel based metal and precast production, followed in execution will be limited assembling these measures implicitly led to increasing levels of quality of work performed.
For customers who have supported our organization as providing all necessary electrical installations metallic confections were made in the production base SC Proelectrica LLC; mention that we have opportunities coating (zinc, cadmium), these activities make to our suppliers by Selective Service.



Maintaining and expanding recognition by external partners.
Continuous improvement of our services.