Electrical systems design and transformer voltage of 0.4 kV, 110kV.

    SC PROELECTRICA Ltd is certified and certified ANRE ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2005, ISO 18001:2007


Feasibility study, technical designs and specification tasks (PT + SF + CS)-network modernization JT and connections, Gh Sincai, Dr. Tr Severin, Mehedinti County;
PT + SF + CS-Modernization of 20 kV OHL st Silo 1 of 110/20 kV Traianu st. 110/20 kV Zimnicea Port, Modernisation PTA 1059, instead. Marzanesti, Teleorman County;
PT + CS-relocation PTA Vladesti, Valcea County;
PT + SF + CS-North Diversion overhead 20 kV Valcea - Calimanesti between poles no. 195 and 196, located in Rm. Valcea
PT + CS-divert bends 20 kV 20 kV OHL Salatruc - Caineni between poles no. 86 and 92, located on com Boisoara, Valcea County;
PT + CS-Power supply SC Petrom SA Bucharest - fuel distribution station, Topologu, com Milcoiu;
PT + CS-improvement and modernization of power level Pt 1 Dumbravita the OHL JT, Brasov;
PT + CS-OHL JT Reconstruction in the town of Sun Valley, Calarasi County;
PT + CS-Modernization OHL JT, loc. Dacia, Brasov.